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Episode 430: We Posted, We Marched, Now What? – Ashley Canay

In light of recent events, we’ve seen a positive shift in the approach our industry is taking when it comes to inclusivity, diversity, and equality. We’ve posted on social media, we’ve marched, but now what?

In episode 430 of the Bokeh Podcast, Ashley Canay joins us to discuss the responsibility we have in continuing the fight for equality, along with ways we can support the movement.

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Show Notes

Brand Position: Lux Couples & Weddings (1:40)

Customer Experience (9:38)

Technique for Time: Outsourcing Editing, Investing in a CRM, and Hiring a Social Media Manager (14:31)

Book Recommendations: Profit First (23:11)


Ashley’s Experience & Perspective (28:05)

Racism vs. Implicit Bias (35:24)

Drawing the Line (37:58)

Promoting Equality (41:01)

Organizing Support for Equality (44:07)

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