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Episode 378: Encouraging Inclusion in the Photography Industry – George Mitchell

Have you considered the impact you could have on the photography industry when it comes to diversity and inclusion?

In episode 378 of the Bokeh Podcast, George Mitchell joins us to discuss how the photography industry as a whole can take steps towards providing more inclusion for all people, and how you can take those practices and apply them to your own business. If you’re ready to help our industry become more inclusive, this episode is for you!

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Show Notes

Brand Position: Food, Beverage, and People (5:52)

Standing Out: Developing a unique style for your niche. (7:09)

Customer Experience: Flexibility, Timely Communication, (10:58)

Technique for Time: Take personal time and vacations to decompress. (16:32)

Delegation/Outsourcing: Handing off color correction, composite, and retouching that takes up time. (20:19)

Inspiration: Liquor stores, grocery stores, Pier One, Crate & Barrel, online shops, etc. (24:14)

Book and Content Recommendations: (28:24)
Planet Money by NPR – npr.org/sections/money
Business Wars – bit.ly/bp-businesswars
Road to Certification – bit.ly/bp-roadtocertification
Food Styling

Diversity in the Current State of the Photography Industry (33:21)

Inclusion in the Photography Industry (44:58)

Three Ways to Improve Inclusion:
1. Pull in more representation in demographics for your brand or conference.
2. Connect with people outside of your inner circle.
3. Reach outside of the “normal” talent pool.

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