Episode 272: Associate Photographers: How to Move Beyond Yourself – Kesha Lambert

Are you looking for ways to grow your photography business without giving up even more of your time?

In episode 272 of the Bokeh Podcast, Kesha Lambert discusses the changes she had to make in her business and life that led her to grow a team of associate photographers. Listen in as she shares how building an associate team enabled her to create more time for herself, expand her reach in the market, and take on more clients in her business. 

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Show Notes

The Lesson: Be consistent. (10:00)

Book Recommendation: (15:37)
How to Win Friends and Influence People – bit.ly/bp-winfriends
Five Essential People Skills – bit.ly/bp-5peopleskills

The Gear Bag: (20:40)
Cashews & an Ice-Breaker like Glitter or Confetti

Personal Shifts Made for Growth: (34:13)
Investing Time & Energy into Growing the Team

What Building a Team Enabled for Business: (40:50)
1. Growth – The number of clients that couldn’t book due to budgets, availability
2. Time – Photographing less because you have associates that can handle some of the weddings.
3. Reach – With lower price points for associates, you can reach an additional market that otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford your services.