Episode 273: How to Create Balance Amidst Hustle – Deb Kalsbeek & Bethany Cramblet

Do your personal relationships suffer because you’re investing all of your time into your business? The concept of balance is subjective, but it may be time to evaluate how you can have more of it in your life.

In episode 273 of the Bokeh Podcast, Deb Kalsbeek and Bethany Cramblet of SnapJoy Studio share how they’ve found balance while juggling five businesses between the two of them. Listen in as they share about their experience in finding a way to balance their workload to fit their individual needs.

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Show Notes

Based in: West Michigan (1:21)

The Businesses:
Joy Photo – Owned by Bethany
Snap Studio – Owned by Deb
Weddings In A Snap – Co-owned by Deb & Bethany
BE – Owned by Deb
SnapJoy Studio – Co-owned by Deb & Bethany

Brand Position: (11:43)
Joy Photo – Capturing joy and storytelling in a generic way that is specialized in a genuine way.
Snap Studio – Photographer serving wedding clients as one vendor to simplify the planning process so they can focus on the reason they’re getting married.
Wedding in a Snap – Weddings don’t have to be about the chaos, so plan your wedding over a two hour consultation.
BE – Education based on community over competition.
SnapJoy Studio – Provide a space that has all of the tools you could possibly need as a photographer.

The Lesson: (21:15)
Find a mentor.
Put yourself out there.

Content Recommendations: (24:38)
Jasmine Star – jasminestar.com
Seth Godin’s Podcast – seths.blog/podcasts
Gary Box FB Group – facebook.com/groups/1828961777318899/

The Gear Bag: (30:00)
White Balance Tool

What is Balance? A effort to meet goals without sacrificing mental health. Physical health, or relationship health. (34:33)

Contrasts in Work Habits & Balance for Deb & Bethany: Not everyone’s idea of balance will look the same, listen in as they share how they differ yet still find balance. (42:11)

Joy Photo – joyful.photos
Snap Studio – SNAPSTUDIOGR.com
SnapJoy Studio – snapjoystudio.com
Rising Tide Society – risingtidesociety.com