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Episode 274: How to Up-Sell Your Wedding Packages – Tonya Damron

Are you ready to profit more in your photography business through products sales, but have a fear of being too pushy while selling to your clients?

In episode 274 of the Bokeh Podcast, Tonya Damron exposes the reason that people are afraid of offering print products, and how you can overcome that fear. Listen in as she shares the opportunities you have to up-sell your packages and successfully profit from products in your business.

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Show Notes

Based in: Knoxville, TN (01:19)

Shooting: Weddings & Humanitarian Work (01:19)

Brand Position: Providing amazing customer service by being herself and owning it. (06:29)
Bonus: Sends weddings out within a week,

The Lesson: Get business insurance and find a mentor. (20:05)

Technique for Time: Save work for work hours. (26:19)

Book Recommendation: Everybody Always by Bob Goff (31:46)

The Gear Bag: Bear Whistle and her Think Tank International Camera Bag – bit.ly/bp-ttairportbag (34:10)

Root of Fear in Selling: People think that if they try to sell something, it will always be pushy, when that’s not the case. (38:25)

“When you build collections that include everything you’re capable of offering, you’re limiting the ability to up-sell to your clients.”

Why to put your prices online. (50:22)

Touchpoint for Selling Add-On’s (52:10)
1. Consultation/Booking Session
2. Pre-Wedding Consultation
3. Post Wedding Preview Party (20% Off Special)

Positioning – bit.ly/bp-positioning