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Episode 275: Building a Recurring Business Model – Gustavo Fernandez

Have you found a way to generate recurring work within your business model?

In episode 275 of the Bokeh Podcast, Gustavo Fernandez explains why making the transition from wedding photography to corporate event photography was the key to consistent work.  Listen in as he discusses networking for events, the principals for a successful corporate brand, and pricing your services.

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Show Notes

Based in: San Francisco

Focused on: Headshot & Corporate Photography

Brand Position: A seasoned professional, trusted by Fortune 500 companies to capture their employees and events. (7:13)

The Lesson: Take care of your clients. Customer service is so important, so step it up. (14:31)

Technique for Time: Place everything in your calendar and stick to it. (17:57)

Book Recommendations: (22:20)
How to Win Friends and Influence People – bit.ly/bp-winfriends
Never Eat Alone – bit.ly/bp-nevereatalone

The Gear Bag: Monopod (25:44)

Gustavo’s Impetus for Transitioning to Corporate Events: The referral sources for corporate events provided more opportunities. (28:56)

Benefits of Corporate Events: (28:56)
– They can occur on weekdays.
– The relationships can be shorter with events since they are more transactional.

Networking in Corporate Events: (35:50)
Gustavo spends about 1/5 of the amount of time networking on corporate events than on weddings.

Principals for a Successful Corporate Brand: (42:58)
1. How can you solve a problem for the clients?
2. Over-Communication is key.

The Process to Pricing: (50:46)
1. Look at the market and how you want to set yourself.
2. Determine what you want to make and how much you want to work.

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