Retouching Services for
Your Unique Images

Whether you need a simple adjustment such as whitening of teeth or a more advanced feature like a background or head swap, we’ve got you covered! Our editors will provide the needed retouching to make your images the best they can be!

Lightroom Retouching

For $2.00 per image, we will perform all of the services listed below for up to 2 subjects per image! You can even add Lightroom Retouching to your next Custom Color Correction order and we’ll take care of it all in one simple process!

Services Include:
• Adjustment brush
• Skin blemish removal
• Basic flyaway hair removal (around the head)
• Skin softening (face and body)
• Whitening of eyes and teeth

Photoshop Retouching

Our Photoshop Retouching service provides next-level retouching for the most common retouching needs with the simplicity of à la carte pricing starting at $.75!

Some of the most popular requests under this service:

• Blemish removal – $.75/img
• Skin smoothing (face only) – $.75/img
• Minimize wrinkles on face – $.75/img
• Light glasses glare removal – $3/img
• Braces removal – $3/img
• Flyaway hairs (across face) – $4/img
• Swap background – $3/img
• Skin smoothing (body) – $4/img
• Face or head swap – $7/img
• Extend background – $4/img
• Object removal – $6/img

Newborn Retouching

Our Newborn Retouching service includes removing those tiny imperfections, saving you endless hours at the computer!

This service is $6 per image and includes:

• Basic cleanup
• Sharpening
• Removal of flaky skin
• Softening of skin
• Reducing redness in hands/feet

Images with extensive flaky skin or images of the newborn with parents might be an additional fee.

Boudoir Retouching

Elevate your boudoir photography with our discreet retouching service, enhancing your clients natural beauty and preserving your Editing Style.

Our Boudoir Retouching service is $9 per image and includes:

• Blemish removal
• Color Blending – including softening tan lines
• Adding overall warmth to the skin tone (if needed)
• Skin softening
• Dodge and burn
• Under eye bags removal
• Whiten eyes and teeth
• Basic liquify (if needed)

Custom Retouching

Do you have retouching needs that are unique or not listed in the services above? No worries! We also offer a Custom Retouching service that can handle anything you need! This service is a quote-based service, with pricing based on $40/hour (no minimum time required). Select “custom retouching” from the order menu, describe the services you need, upload your image(s) and we will respond with a quote for you to approve within 1 business day!

Some of the popular request services include:

• Reduce shine on the face
• Minimize under-eye circles
• Fix significant glare in glasses
• Slim face (double-chin), arms, body
• Smooth wrinkles in clothes
• Add or remove people or objects to or from an image

What are the Turnaround Times?

For our Photoshop Retouching service, orders with less than 50 images will be returned in 3-5 business days. Our Custom Retouching service is quote based and the turnaround time will be indicated when your quote is delivered, usually by the following business day!

Looking for Custom Color Correction Services?

Photographer’s Edit color corrects to match your editing style for only $.24 per image. Create an account, share your style, and let our editing team do the rest! Need culling as well? We also offer Culling & Custom Color Correction starting at $.14 per image!