How It Works

It only takes 5 easy steps to begin outsourcing your editing to Photographer’s Edit!

Step 1: Create an Account and Share Your Editing Style

We’ve made our onboarding process easy! We’ll even walk you through the steps to begin outsourcing!

Step 2: Prepare Files to Send

Prepare your photos in Lightroom Classic, export your Catalog with Smart Previews, and upload your files to your favorite cloud service.

Step 3: Place Your Order

Choose from the many options to customize your order, and share the link to your images.

Step 4: Download and Send Finished Files to Your Client

You’ll be notified when your order has been completed. If you submitted under 800 images, turnaround time starts at 3-5 business days; over 800 images submitted starts at 6-8 business days. Download the finished Lightroom catalog, connect it to your original files, export the finished files, and deliver the beautiful, custom imagery to your clients.