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Episode 271: How to Leave a Mark on the World – Michelle Ellsworth

Do you long to make a lasting impact on your community, but struggle with  building a business model to reflect your overall concept?

In episode 271 of the Bokeh Podcast, Michelle Ellsworth opens up about the unimaginable loss that led her to make a mark on the world with her photography business. Listen in as she shares the heartfelt story behind her why, along with the steps you can take to make a lasting impact with your brand.

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Show Notes

Based in: Salt Lake City, UT

Focused on: Families, children, and senior portraits.

Brand Position: We believe every family has a story worth telling, each child has a childhood worth remembering and all relationships have a love worth showcasing. (3:30)

Book Recommendation: Building a Storybrand (5:17)

Storybrand Worksheet – mystorybrand.com

The Lesson: Adopt an “I don’t know how to do it, yet” mentality. (9:03)

Technique for Time: Always be present in whatever it is that you’re doing, create boundaries, and block off your time. (12:02)

The Gear Bag: JBL Portable Speaker (19:04)

Michelle’s Story: After a heartbreaking loss, Michelle realized what moments she would go back and relive; that’s what she provides to her clients. (30:41)

Steps to Implementing Your Mission Into Your Business:
1. Find your remark-ability factor; this eradicates all competition.
2. Get creative in all areas of your business.
3. Become humble and willing to learn.
4. Take action; when you become stagnant, you want to take action.
5. Get involved with community.
6. Have a mindset shift to more community and less competition. You do you.

Start with Why by Simon Sinek – bit.ly/bp-startwithwhy
Ted Talk with Simon Sinek – bit.ly/bp-simon-ted
The Seven Decisions by Andy Andrews – bit.ly/bp-7decisions