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Episode 270: Leveraging Pinterest to Grow Your Photography Business – Sharee Davenport

Have you considered the potential marketing opportunities you could have on Pinterest’s searchable platform?

In episode 270 of the Bokeh Podcast, Sharee Davenport guides us through the effective benefits of leveraging Pinterest as more than just a social media platform. Listen in as she shares the primary principles to effectively using Pinterest, along with quick tips ensure your pins are seen!

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Show Notes

Based in: Colorado (1:30)

Photographing: Weddings & Elopements (1:30)

Brand Position: Building strong relationships with clients. (2:16)

Advice for Photographers: Stop trying to curate who you are to be who you think people want you to look like. (9:12)

Technique for Time: Working Monday-Friday while her son is in school. (12:55)

Book Recommendations: How to Win Friends and Influence People (17:08)

The Gear Bag: Boutonnière Pins (19:02)

Benefits of Pinterest:
1. Drive traffic to your site.
2. Get found based on keywords for inspiration, planning, venues you’ve shot at, etc.

Pinterest Keyword Tips: Add alt-text keywords to your photos (Blogstomp, WordPress, Narrative, Lightroom, etc.) Bonus: Adding it in before Pinterest will help you with SEO and Pinterest. (30:09)

Principles to Effectively Using Pinterest: (31:17)
1. Use strong searchable keywords in your pins.
2. Stop following the 80/20 rule unless you’re a blogger or influencer.
3. Funnel users to a specific page on your website.

Quick Tips: (31:17)
1. Turn your Pinterest into a business account and move anything that doesn’t backlink to your website to a secret board.
2. Utilize the 500 characters for your alt text.