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Episode 269: How Boundaries Can Help Us Serve Our Clients – Jenna Joseph

Are you letting your work spill over into your personal life due to a lack of boundaries?

In episode 269 of the Bokeh Podcast, Jenna Joseph of Jenna Photo explains the importance of setting boundaries in your business to help provide a better work/life balance. Listen in as she shares how boundaries can not only benefit you, but your client experience as well!

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Show Notes

Based in: Temecula Wine Country (1:44)

Type of Photography: Wedding & Engagement Photography (1:44)

Brand Position: Creating a comfortable and stress-free experience so authentically joyful imagery is a natural byproduct. (3:59)

Implementing the Brand Position: (5:35)
1. Relationship building
2. Timeline

The Lesson: Find a mentor, invest in community, and pour your time and finances into education. (10:02)

Technique for Time: Schedule everything and be aware of what you have going on. (12:21)

Book Recommendations: How to Win Friends and Influence People – bit.ly/bp-winfriends (18:19)

The Gear Bag: Boutonniere Pins (21:09)

Defining Boundaries: The expression and protection of our values and self-care. (24:33)

Jenna’s Values: Family Time (28:03)

How Jenna Sets Boundaries: (28:03)
– Creating set office hours and making your clients aware of them.
– Setting email as primary form of communication
– Scheduling family days & protecting them.
– Contracts and clear communication.
– No work while on date nights.

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