Episode 268: Refining Your Boudoir Style – Matt Mathews

Have you nailed down the style of photography you want to offer for boudoir sessions?

In episode 268 of the Bokeh Podcast, Matt Mathews walks through his process to refining his boudoir style, and how he gets creative during shoots. If you’re ready to take your boudoir style to the next level, then you’ll want to listen in!

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Show Notes

Brand Position: Teaching humans the art of self-worth.

The Lesson: Be authentic and who you are. (19:55)

Technique for Time: Hire an assistant (26:14)

Book Recommendations: Jewel’s Memoir (29:46)

The Gear Bag: Canon 5D Mark III & 50mm 1.2 (34:05)

Defining Your Boudoir Style:
1. Review different styles and look for what you’re drawn to for inspiration.
2. Dissect and understand how they created the image.
3. Incorporate it into your style with your own twist on it.

Getting Creative During the Shoot: Rather than capturing them in a dozen different poses on the bed, take time to photograph the details of their body in a single pose. (52:38)

Mentioned in this Episode:
Annie Leibovitz
Sue Bryce
Adobe Camera Raw

Matt Mathews Education for Photographers – bit.ly/bp-matteducationfb