Episode 267: Rebranding With Meaning – Danielle Green & Connor Brogan of Layers Photo

Have you considered the reasoning or purpose behind the brand you’ve created?

In episode 267 of the Bokeh Podcast, Danielle Green and Connor Brogan of Layers Photo emphasize the importance of developing a brand with meaning. If you think it’s time to rebrand your business, listen in as they share the steps you need to take to evaluate and build a brand that is based on your passions.

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Show Notes

Based in: Northwest Arkansas (00:02:42)

Brand Position: Wedding & Elopement Photographers for Darkly Romantic Dreamers

Advice for Photographers: Keep the spark of wander. (00:19:34)

Technique for Time: Treat your job like a 9-5 to avoid overworking. (00:31:16)

Resource Recommendations: Conferences/Workshops & Therapy (00:36:14)

The Gear Bag: Turtleneck Pillow, Eye Cover, Essential Oils (00:41:29)

Steps to Rebranding With Meaning:
1. The Why: At the end of your life, what matters most is the moments you had with the people you love. Nostalgia is intoxicating. And falling in love is probably the most enchanting event of anyone’s life. So capturing a couple and portraying it how it actually feels, that’s a really unique challenge that we are passionate about. We are always looking for new ways to recreate the story and authentic vibe of each couple. (00:55:48)
2. The How: Approaching the clients how they would want to connect with you to build that relationship. (1:00:00)
3. The Where: Telling stories where love lives, not just in exotic places. (1:03:42)