Episode 377: An Intro to Investing for Photographers – James Willis & Teshorn Jackson

Are you looking to diversify your finances through investing?

In episode 377 of the Bokeh Podcast, Teshorn Jackson and James Willis join us to explain the benefits of investing in the stock market, even in times where it can feel risky. Listen in as they share introductory steps to investing and their top resources for ongoing education!

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Show Notes

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James’ Market: DFW, TX (2:51)

Brand Position: Photography that will remind you how you felt, not just what it looked like. (3:10)

Years in Business: 8 Years (6:20)

James’ Customer Experience: Establish a connection with your clients so they can build trust with you. (6:49)

Teshorn’s Customer Experience: Authenticity matters for being relatable. (11:24)

James’ Technique for Time: Find activities that you enjoy that will pull you away from work. (13:08)

Delegation/Outsourcing: Working through the process. (17:34)

Education Recommendation: Workshops (22:07)
Two Man Workshop – twomann.com/wedding-photography-workshop
Joshua Dwain’s Workshop – joshuadwain.com

James’ Experience with Investing (28:23)

Teshorn’s Experience with Investing (31:36)

Fear in Finance as a Photographer (36:59)

CARE Act: You can withdraw from your investing accounts (401K/Roth IRA) penalty free, but you have to pay it back within three years. (45:54)

Investing in a Volatile Market (47:20)

Trading Stocks (49:12)

5 Steps to Start Investing (55:55)
1. Open a brokerage account (Charles Schwabb, Robinhood, TDAmeritrade).
2. Determine your goal: long term vs. short term.
3. Research the company, industry, and stock that you’re interested in pursuing.
4. Transfer money into your brokerage account to buy market order (the price at that time) or limit order (the price that you want it for); same goes for selling.
5. Buy slow and in increments; don’t put all of your money in at one time.

“Don’t invest money that you can’t afford to lose.”

Book Recommendations: Profit First

Resources for Getting Started:
The Motley Fool – fool.com
Investing While in Corona – facebook.com/groups/513016642709862/
Yahoo Finance – finance.yahoo.com
Market Watch – marketwatch.com/site/mobile


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