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Episode 208: The Significance of Trust in Outsourcing – Teshorn Jackson

Have you attempted to outsource your editing, but have a hard time giving up control over your work?

In episode 208 of the Bokeh Podcast, Teshorn Jackson shares his experience with outsourcing, and how he finally let go of the control. Listen in as he explains the significance of trusting your editors to create the edits your brand requires.

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Show Notes

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Technique for Time: Set reminders for tasks on your phone to manage your time.

Book Recommendations:
4 Hour Work Week – bit.ly/bp-4hr
The Richest Man of Babylon –bit.ly/bp-richestman

Brand Position: Mid to High-End Wedding Photographer focusing on client experience.

Advice for Photographers: Get a professional help with the financial and business paperwork.

The Gear Bag: 35mm

Pause & Pursue Thou Shalt Live the Life You Are Meant to Live:  bit.ly/bp-pausepursue

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