Episode 376: A Healthy Approach to Weight Loss for Photographers – Ashleigh Bing

Have you been looking for direction when it comes to approaching weight loss and healthy habits?

In episode 376 of the Bokeh Podcast, Ashleigh Bing opens up about her personal experience with weight loss over the years. Listen in as she shares the 3 key factors she found to success in her weight loss journey.

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Show Notes

Customer Experience: Invest in your people over your marketing, because they’re going to tell others about you. (1:23)

Ashleigh’s Welcome Package (2:32)

Ashleigh’s Welcome Magazine (5:38)

Brand Position: Wedding and lifestyle photographer for people who value quality and emotion evoking images. (7:37)

Delegation/Outsourcing: Branding and Website (15:58)

Inspiration: Street photography (19:04)

Book Recommendations: The Emyth Revisited (25:42)

Ashleigh’s Weight Loss Journey (29:32)

“Enthusiasm is common, endurance is rare.”

Balance in Society (46:56)

Key Factors in a Successful Weight Loss Journey: (53:17)
1. Nobody likes working out, but it works.
2. Consistency is key—put the work in until it works out.
3. The days are long, but the years are quick.

Pushing Beyond Discomfort (56:14)
Being able to share and motivate others.

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