Episode 400: Let’s Address Racism – Saori & DeVante Terrell

Conversations around racism can be feel uncomfortable, because we’re not used to having them. Let’s talk about it.

In episode 400 of the Bokeh Podcast, Saori & DeVante Terrell of Spirit of Revelry join us to have an open conversation about how we can dismantle racism in the photography industry. In this conversation they open up about their experience and share ways to promote inclusivity in your business through styled shoots, client outreach, and adjusting your editing style.

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Show Notes

About Saori & DeVante (2:44)

Mating in Captivity by Ester (7:09)
Website: estherperel.com
Ted Talk
Ester’s Podcast – estherperel.com/podcast

Brand Position: Traveling wedding photographers for the wild, drunk in love. (9:32)

Customer Experience: Establish a genuine connection from the beginning. (11:07)

Technique for Time/Relaxing: Invest in a weighted blanket and be conscious of putting phones down and spend time with each other. (16:19)

Outsourcing/Delegation: Graphic Design & Branding (19:19)

Inspiration: Everyday life. (21:17)

Book Recommendations: (24:11)
You are a Badass at Making Money – bit.ly/bp-bamoney
Think and Grow Rich – bit.ly/bp-thinkgrowrich

How to Dismantle Racism in the Photography Industry

Reaching out to BIPOC + Promoting Inclusivity:

Understanding and Compassion (40:53)

Creating Inclusion in Styled Shoots (44:04)

BIPOC (48:26)

Editing Melanated Skin: (50:11)

Episode 362 w/ Ty Pentecost: bokehpodcast.com/362