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Episode 362: Workflow Wednesday: How to Edit Dark Skin Tones – Ty Pentecost, Nathan, Haylee, Heather, and Rich

Are you properly exposing your photos and editing for accurate skin tones?

In episode 362 of the Bokeh Podcast, Ty Pentecost joins our hosts to demonstrate how to edit dark skin tones. Listen in as Ty walks us through editing the following scenarios: greenery in the background, indoor, and harsh lighting.

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Show Notes


Watch the Facebook Live Video Here:

Example 1: Greenery
dark skin tones with greenery in background
1. Started with cropping
2. Applied Mastin Lab’s Fuji 400 Preset
3. Pulled down contrast
4. Adjusted exposure
5. Brightened the orange luminance slider

Example 2: Indoor
editing dark skin tones indoors

1. Applied Mastin Lab’s Fuji Push Preset
2. Adjusted exposure
3. Pulled down contrast
4. Increased whites
5. Increased magenta in tint slider to remove green

Example 3: Harsh Light
editing dark skin tones in harsh light

1. When posing, placed the subjects in front of their shadow
2. Apply Fuji Push preset
3. Adjust exposure
4. Pull down contrast

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