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Episode 395: Encouraging Inclusion in the Photography Industry (Part 2) – George Mitchell

In light of the death of George Floyd and the events surrounding this tragedy, we felt it was important to continue our recent conversation with George Mitchell about inclusion in the photography industry.

In episode 395 of the Bokeh Podcast, Nathan and George discuss the significance of appropriate language when discussing race-related issues, the importance of not just talking about but doing something to encourage change in our culture, and specific steps that photographers can take to encourage progress.

At the Bokeh Podcast, we’re committed to creating a diverse and inclusive space on our platform for the voices of all photographers. We’ll continue to do our part in fighting to end racism and encourage inclusion and equality.

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Show Notes

Building Comfortable Conversations (1:54)

Processing Recent Events (3:51)

Listen and self reflection. (8:04)

Be Aware of Triggers (11:35)

Knowing When to Speak Up, Ask, and Listen (14:22)

Memorandums of Understandings: Actionable items that organizations are planning to take to help right the wrongs. (15:28)

Starting Conversations and Getting Involved (19:40)

Tangibly Show Support for the POC Community (26:58)
1. Reflect on your day to day dealings
– Is your organization diverse?
– Is there equity or true inclusion there?
2. Take actionable steps for change in your business (write it down).
3. Get involved in minority led organizations.
4. Diversify your portfolio.


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