Episode 398: How to Move Toward Racial Equity in the Photo Industry – Chip Dizard

Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen many in our industry speaking out against racial injustice and committing to do better. So what can you do next?

In episode 398 of the Bokeh Podcast, our friend Chip Dizard joins us to discuss how we can ensure that this movement toward racial equity isn’t just a short-term trend, but has a lasting impact on the photography industry and our society as a whole. Listen in as he shares resources, having a gracious heart, and supporting photographers of color.

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Show Notes

Based in: Baltimore (1:46)

Brand Positions: (2:07)
chipdizardweddings.com – Live stream your wedding.
chipdizard.com – Helping Creatives Thrive in Business, Marketing, & Photography

Customer Experience: Underpromise & overdeliver. (9:01)

Technique for Time: Outsourcing and having a team. (14:11)

Inspiration: Instrumental Music (9:20)

Book Recommendations: Atomic Habits – bit.ly/bp-atomichabits (21:48)

Processing Recent Events (24:40)

Anti-Racism Books: (30:27)
White Fragility – bit.ly/bp-whitefragility
The New Jim Crow – bit.ly/bp-newjimcrow

White Privilege (31:21)

Giving Grace (37:01)

Change in the Photography Industry (42: 22)

Uplifting Photographers of Color (44:36)

Tomayia Colvin – tomayiacolvineducation.com
Todd Watson’s Showit United Talk: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CA4JJjZjtpo/
Time Magazine Article

Where to Donate:
Associated Black Charities – http://www.abc-md.org/
National Urban League – https://nul.org/