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Episode 429: 4 Questions for Better Copy – Kaitlin Senter

What if I told you that your copywriting could be amplified by answering four simple questions?

In episode 429 of the Bokeh Podcast, Kaitlin Senter, conversion copywriter and strategist, joins us to discuss the importance of copy and conversion on all mediums in your business. Listen in as she shares the four questions to ask yourself to take your copy to the next level!

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Show Notes

Brand Position: Help small creative businesses put an end to the guesswork. Taking their copy from “well, it’s paying the bills” to breaking sales records. (2:37)

Customer Experience: Listen well and pair that with open and clear communication. (4:27)

Technique for Time: (11:54)
– Batch working
– Time Blocking

Outsourcing/Delegation: Design work. (15:58)

Book Recommendations: The Writer’s Diet (17:54)

The Jobs to Be Done Concept (19:43)
Concept by Clayton Christenson
Joanna Weaves – Copyhackers.com

Four Main Questions to Ask: (21:44)
1. What is the push?
2. What is the pull?
3. What is the anxiety?
4. What is the habit?

Communication (33:17)