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Episode 431: How to Generate Extra Income with Mini Sessions – Rebecca Rice

Have you set your mini sessions up to be as profitable as your regular sessions?

In episode 431 of the Bokeh Podcast, Rebecca Rice joins us to break down how she’s structured her mini sessions to allow her to successfully up-sell additional digitals after the session! Listen in as she shares four steps to successful mini sessions, along with how to approach your marketing strategy.

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Show Notes

Brand Position (1:44)

Client Experience: Preparation & Education (5:32)

Technique for Time: Set boundaries (8:53)

Outsourcing/Delegation: Editing & Virtual Assistant (12:37)

Finding a VA (14:24)

Book Recommendations: Traction by Gino Whickman (15:39)

Why Mini Sessions (20:24)

Pricing Structure for Mini Sessions: (22:40)
15 minutes
20 proofs
5 images included

Set of 3 $90
Full Gallery for $200

Steps to Market Your Minis
1. Give Yourself 6 Weeks to Advertise
2. Open up one date at a time.
3. Open Up to Your Email List
4. Go Public With It on Facebook and Ads

4 Keys to Successful Mini Sessions (35:03)
1. Setting Up the Right Structure (35:03)
2. Upsell Your Full Gallery (36:29)
3. Excellent Communication (38:45)
4. Automate Where You Can (42:09)

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