Episode 331: An Intro to Chatbots for Marketing – Henry Chen

Are you looking for technology to add to your marketing efforts, that will save you time, generate more qualified leads, and offer a unique experience for your clients?

In episode 331 of the Bokeh Podcast, Henry Chen introduces us to unique marketing tactics with chatbots! Listen in as Henry shares the philosophy behind incorporating chatbots into your business, along with the primary benefits and how to get started today!

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Show Notes

Brand Position: Capturing multi-cultural, faith, and ethnic weddings specifically to have a stress-free wedding day while telling a personal and timeless story. (2:34)

Advice for Photographers: Treat your business like you’re a business owner. (6:21)

Tools for Business: (11:03)
Google Analytics – analytics.google.com
Google Sheets – google.com/sheets
Excel – products.office.com/en-us/excel
Evernote – evernote.com
Banktivity – iggsoftware.com

Technique for Time: Simplify things as much as possible. (16:19)

Content Recommendations: (19:59)
Pat Flynn – Smart Passive Income – smartpassiveincome.com/shows/spi
Cliff Ravenscraft – cliffravenscraft.com

Review of the AirPods Pro (22:31)

The Gear Bag: Wedding Day Photography Cheat Sheet (24:10)

Miilu Overview (26:18)

Why Chatbots Aren’t Being Used in the Photo Industry: Chatbots seem spammy and impersonal (28:55)

The Chatbot Workflow (33:17)
A chatbot message will pop up for the website visitor.
They click the get support button.
You’ll be notified of the request.
The visitor will be asked a series of personalized questions for their inquiry.

Henry’s First Experience with Chatbots (36:49)

Questions to Ask Yourself When Implementing New Tools in Business (40:49)
How will it benefit you as a business owner?
How will it benefit your potential clients?

The Philosophies that Drive Henry’s Use of Chatbots (40:49)
1. You don’t have to always be in your business or online.
2. You won’t worry about getting leads ever again.
3. You can truly customize your client’s experience based on where they are in the process.

Benefits of Chatbots in Marketing Efforts: (44:33)
1. Saving time from back and forth communication.
2. Create messenger ads on facebook and incorporate chatbots.
3. Omni-channel marketing (being everywhere with our business), without having to physically be there.

Chatbot Integrations: (51:43)
Facebook Messenger
Text/SMS Messaging

Ways to Use Chatbots in Your Photography Business: (55:08)
Segmentation and Filtration of Client Data
Drive your traffic to the chatbot through links, QR codes, or NFCs
Dramatic reduction in number of potential clients who ghost you or don’t respond.

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