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Episode 330: The Pinterest Marketing Strategy for Wedding Photographers – Vanessa Kynes

Do you want to add Pinterest to your marketing strategy, but get confused on how to use the platform to grow your business?

In episode 330 of the Bokeh Podcast, Vanessa Kynes explains why she believes Pinterest is one of the most underutilized, yet important social media platforms for photographers! Listen is as she highlights the unique benefits of Pinterest and the steps you need to take in order to get started with your Pinterest strategy!

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Show Notes

Brand Position: Help creative small businesses craft traffic generating Pinterest marketing strategies so you can spend less time marketing your business and more time on your unique creative work. (4:50)

Advice for Photographers: Niche down as early as possible. (6:39)

Technique for Time: (11:36) Set aside time where you’re not working. Batch your work and organize it in a planner

Content Recommendations: (16:05)
Essentialism by Greg McKeown – bit.ly/bp-essentialism
Start With Why by Simon Sinek – bit.ly/bp-startwithwhy
Deep Work by Cal Newport – bit.ly/bp-deepwork

Why Pinterest is Left Behind: People are confused and afraid to use a more confusing platform. (21:33)

Powerful Pinterest Statistics: (23:54) 64% of brides used Pinterest for Inspiration 81% of sinners use Pinterest to plan their wedding before they’re even engaged.

Benefits of Pinterest: (27:17)
1. Traffic generation for the long-term play.
2. Brand awareness and discovery.

Getting Started with Pinterest: (36:06)
1. Optimize your Pinterest profile. Switch to a Business Account, Add location to your name and bio if location-based.
2. Keyword Research to identify what you should be creating.
3. Create fresh content weekly and automate your Pinterest strategy with tailwind.

vanessakynes.com Pinterest Startup Guide: vanessakynes.com/pinterest-start-guide Blog Post for Photographers: vanessakynes.com/how-to-use-pinterest-for-your-photography-business Pin Progress Course: bit.ly/bp-pinprogress tailwindapp.com