Episode 369: Defining Your Brand Position [FREE WORKSHEET] – Nathan Holritz

Do you have a brand position that sets you apart from your competition? Brand positions have become a popular topic on the Bokeh Podcast, so we’re here to help you define your position!

In episode 369 of the Bokeh Podcast, Nathan discusses the value and process of developing a unique brand position, along with the benefits it will bring to your business. Make sure you grab our free Brand Position Worksheet and follow along with the episode to start defining your brand position today!

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Show Notes

Download our FREE Brand Position Worksheet!

Brand Position: The unique value prop that our businesses offer to our market.

Benefits of a Clear and Distinct Brand Position:
A. Enables Potential Clients to Immediately Know Your UVP
B. Filters Irrelevant Potential Clients
C. Simplifies/Focuses Marketing Efforts
D. Encourages Better Time Management

Your Business Name: There is opportunity to change your name, but not necessary. (5:43)

The Market You’re Based In: Decide on focusing ideally on a singular market (unless you’re focused on destination). (5:56)

The Services You Offer: List all of your services, but narrow it down for specificity. (6:43)

The People You Serve:  Who you serve will impact your marketing copy and content. (7:55)

Your Truly Unique Experience: If you’re not sure, let’s look at your full business and decide what it should be. (8:52)

Reasons You’re a Photographer: Your big picture views that drive your personal life and trickles into your business. (10:35)

Competitor Research: This will create awareness of how you need to position yourself against the competition. Google the key phrase that you’d look for in your market. ex: Chattanooga Wedding Photographer (12:14)

4 Ways to Establish a Clear & Distinct Brand Position: (14:56)
1. Be the first to own a position
2. Offer a service that doesn’t exist
3. Offer a variation of a service
4. Name a target market

Brand Position Brainstorming (21:04)

Time Management from the Inside Out by Julie Morganstern – bit.ly/bp-timemanage

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