Episode 370: A Healthy Working Relationship with Your Romantic Partner – Megan Breukelman

Have you considered working with your romantic partner, but fear the strain it could put on your relationship?

In episode 370 of the Bokeh Podcast, Megan Breukelman joins us to discuss the challenges you may face while working with your partner, how to be open-minded in your business, and work well together. Listen in as she describes her and her husband’s different working behaviors, along with roles and responsibilities in the business.

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Show Notes

Client Experience: Remember that the people you’re working with are humans too; empathy and compassion matter. (1:20)

Brand Position: Dreamy and romantic imagery without the fluff. (2:49)

Delegation/Outsourcing: It’s important to have systems and workflows in place when you go to delegate. (9:05)

Inspiration: Podcasts, music, books, and magazines (16:33)

Podcast Recommendations: (19:58)
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Book Recommendation: How to Not Always Be Working (28:01)

How Megan & Kenneth Met (30:42)

Opposite Working Styles Between Partners (34:44)

Office Spaces (47:45)

Underlying Sexism in Business (48:35)

Breaking Up the Responsibility (54:00)

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