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Episode 368: How to Know if You Should Be an Educator – Laylee Emadi

In an industry that doesn’t require formal education or certifications for educators, it’s tough to determine if you’re a good fit for the role.

In episode 368 of the Bokeh Podcast, Laylee Emadi brings her experience as a high school teacher and district curriculum designer to discuss the industry’s need for trainings for professionals looking to provide educational offerings. Listen in as she shares characteristics of a great educator and how she believes photographers should approach offering education.

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Show Notes

Customer Experience: Place yourself in the shoes of your clients to understand what they would want. (2:02)

Outsourcing/Delegation: Editing, inbox management, and anything that someone else can do as well as her. Saving 20 hours per week on average. (6:15)

Inspiration: (11:40)
Art inspiration in all art forms: dance, museums, etc.
Business inspiration is found in books, podcasts, etc

Education in the Photography Industry (16:25)

Pursuing Education in the Right Way (18:55)

Inspirational Talks vs. Tangible Talks (22:37)

Why People Get into Education: (26:36)
1. To elevate themselves within the industry.
2. Diversifying their income streams.
3. Have a passion for helping people.

Can Everyone be an Educator? (34:43)

Characteristics of Educators: (38:49)
1. Know Your Educator Type
2. Communication and Presentation Skills
3. Experience
4. Consistency in Results

Take Laylee’s Free Educator Type Quiz >>

Laylee’s Recommended Resources (42:53)
Jess Ekstrom Public Speaking Training – jessekstrom.com//mic-drop-workshop

Learn more about the Creative Educator Academy >>

Getting Started in Education:
1. Offer up free content around your specialty.
2. Develop case studies and feedback from those you’ve given free content to.
3. Survey your audience to ensure your content is helpful and aligns with what you want to offer.

The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs – bit.ly/bp-presentationsecrets