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Episode 367: How to Market Your Destination Photography – Carly Jurach

Do you love to travel for work, but struggle with marketing yourself as a destination photographer?

In episode 367 of the Bokeh Podcast, Carly Jurach of Someplace Images joins us to share 5 main ideas to marketing her brand for destination work. Listen in to learn how to start building your portfolio today, along with how to plan out your travel schedule to ensure you get booked!

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Show Notes

Customer Experience: Niching down allows you to really specialize and focus on doing that thing well. (1:47)

Brand Position: Redefining and revealing love and self-love through passion, laughter, and intimate photography with the goal of creating touchable visible monuments to life changing moments. (4:15)

Technique for Time: Make time for reading, implement the 5 second rule, spend the first hour of the day for herself, and journaling. (8:20)

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Book Recommendation: The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins – bit.ly/bp-5secrule

Outsourcing/Delegation: VA for social media and a ghost writer (14:09)

5 Ideas to Market Destination Photography (28:33)
1. On-Location Shoots When Traveling (28:33)
2. Geotagging (30:13)
3. Promote your Travel for Shoots (32:14)
4. Create a Facebook Group (37:04)
5. Facebook Advertising

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