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Episode 109: How to Get Started With In-Person Sales – Carly Jurach

Are you looking to increase your sales while still building a relationship with your clients?

In episode 109 of the Bokeh Podcast, Carly Jurach of Someplace Images shares how she implemented in-person sales (IPS) into her workflow in order to increase her profits. Listen as she shares three tips to getting started with IPS that will also create a better experience for your clients.

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Show Notes

Carly’s Aha Moment: While sitting around a table at a James & Jess workshop talking about the persona of their ideal client, she couldn’t name everything that her clients would be interested in, but she knew that they were brides who wanted to feel comfortable and positive during their session. James told her, “You’ve found it, you’ve found your ideal client.” How she makes people feel is much more important than any persona she could give her clients.

Carly’s Introduction to In-Person Sales (IPS):
When Carly worked on cruise ships, she managed IPS for all clients before they got off the ship.

How to Determine What to Sell:
Ask yourself, what would you want out of a session?

How to Host Same Day Sales Sessions:
– Prior to the session, send them pricing and products, a questionnaire to determine what they want, and offer to answer any questions.
– Plan for a five hour day.
– Provide Hair, Makeup, & Mimosas in your studio.
– Hold the session between 60-90 minutes
– Allow them to get dressed and comfortable while you’re importing, culling, and adding presets to the images (average 45 minutes).
– Run through a slideshow of the images and share your packages and product samples.

How to Get Started with IPS:
1. Run your numbers and know where you want to be in order to know where you have to price yourself.
2. Setting your products and product prices.
3. Memorize everything for ease of selling.

Photographers Mentioned in this Episode:
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