Episode 110: Defining Your Brand’s Position – Bonnie Bakhtiari

Do you want to create a unique brand position that targets your ideal clients?

In episode 110 of the Bokeh Podcast, brand designer and strategist, Bonnie Bakhtiari of BisforBonnieDesign.com, shares the importance of how your brand should verbally and visually represent you. Check out her four steps to clearly and creatively define your brand position.

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Show Notes

Bonnie’s Aha Moment: Understanding that boundaries are important in entrepreneurship.

Bonnie’s Brand Position: Bonnie is a brand designer and strategist  for creative women entrepreneurs. She specializes in crafting visual brands that reflect the heart of their life’s work.

Bonnie’s Definition of Brand: A brand is made up of multiple components: visual, verbal, and experiential. It is a promise that you make to your clients through your work.

Bonnie’s Definition of Brand Position: How you position yourself in your client’s mind and how you educate your client on how your work fits into their life.

A Good Brand Position Defines:
1. Who you are.
2. What you do.
3. How it’s different.
4. How it adds value.

Three examples brand positions that are not detailed enough:
1. I’m a photographer for people in love.
2. I’m a wedding photographer in (city/state).
3. I’m a photographer that specialized in engagements, weddings, and anniversaries.

Three examples of good brand positions:
1. Graham & Ashley Scobey – “We are tellers of courageous love stories, specializing in wedding photography for adventurous brides.”
2. I’m a photographer specializing in luxury destination weddings for joyful couples in an elevated experience.
3. I’m a newborn & family photographer serving families with special needs children in Central Pennsylvania through personalize intimate in-home sessions.

“Your brand position statement doesn’t have to feel hard or overwhelming.” 

4 Steps to Develop a Clearer, More Effective Brand Position:
1. Know who you are and articulate that in writing.
2. Write down what you offer in specifics.
3. Write down and articulate clearly who your ideal client is that you want to be working with.
4. Brainstorm ways that your process, approach, and style is different; lean into that.

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