Episode 111: Incorporating School Portraits Into Your Business – Kristin Boyer

Do you enjoy working with children and want to incorporate school portraits into your services?

In episode 111 of the Bokeh Podcast, Kristin Boyer describes how she got started in school portrait photography, while still running her children and family portrait business. Listen as she shares the challenges, rewards, and top tips to getting started with photographing school portraits.

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Show Notes

Kristin’s Aha Moment: Don’t be afraid. Photography had always just been a hobby and when someone she was teaching started her business, she realized she could as well.

Time Technique: Block off time, schedule it, and plan around it.

Brand Position: Kristin is a children and family photographer focusing on joy and real emotions.

The Gear Bag: Canon 5d Mark IV; 70-200mm 2.8, 24-105mm

How is the Market with Lifetouch?
For many large schools that have too many children to give too much individual attention to, Lifetouch is a perfect solution. For many smaller schools that want to provide a more individual based experience, smaller companies can come in and provide that.

The Most Challenging Element of School Photography:
1. The workflow of processing before and after: how to keep up with 800+ student names, classroom, and order information.
2. Keeping lighting consistent for all students’ photos. Purchasing a tent was the best decision for keeping consistency.

The Most Rewarding Element of School Photography:
Engaging with the children and seeing them smile.

5 Key Elements of Good School Portrait Session:
1. Relax & have fun.
2. All of the basic work of organization should be done beforehand.
3. Have the kids repeat something that will make them laugh.
4. Keep everything simple on the day of, from the equipment to the backdrops.
5. Take between 5-8 shots of each child with different expressions. Parents are more likely to buy a series of different shots.

4 Steps to Getting into School Photography:
1. Figure out the logistics: How will you provide proofs, online ordering, and physical products.
2. Create a portfolio through a model call.
3. Get in contact with the schools local to you, but start small.
4. Stay true to yourself and the work you want to work on.

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