Episode 108: How to Create a Website that is Uniquely You – Jeff Shipley and Jen Olmstead

Would you like to have a website that not only looked stunning, but more effectively communicated what your photography business is offering to potential clients?

In this new (and hilarious!) episode of the Bokeh podcast, Jeff Shipley and Jen Olmstead share how they’ve created a company that enables photographers to more effectively package and sell their photography brand through a website that actually reflects the photographer’s personality, and converts new clients!

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Show Notes

Jeff’s Time Technique: He schedules his free time before anything else is scheduled.

Jen’s Time Technique: Having dedicated work days and dedicated mom days to create a productive, yet balance life was helpful. When she had her second child, she realized it is a constant evaluation of your time and what works for you.

Background on Tonic: Jeff & Jen met in an online Facebook group, met for drinks, and immediately knew that together, they could meet the needs of so many photographers on a budget.

Importance of Branding in your Website:

In branding your website, you want to ensure that you’re attracting your ideal clients, showing who you are, and what you do while still creating a beautiful visual.

How to Find Inspiration without Copying:
Find inspiration from multiple sources that will allow you to create something unique.

Photographer’s Mentioned in this Episode:
Shay Cochran

Website: tonicsiteshop.com
Facebook: Tonic Site Shop
Instagram: @tonicsiteshop
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