Episode 107: 10 Ways Your Photography Business is Losing Money – Polly Alexandre

Is your business losing money when you know it should be growing?

In episode 107 of the Bokeh Podcast, photographer and business coach Polly Alexandre shares 10 ways you’re holding yourself back from potential clients and income in your photography business.

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Show Notes

About Polly: 
Polly Alexandre is an International Success Coach for Creative Entrepreneurs.

With a background in fashion, advertising & photography before becoming a coach and healer, Polly is a serial entrepreneur and leading money block coach. She mentors, coaches & supports ambitious, creatives to overcome their past, and the blocks & fears holding them back, so they can truly fulfill all their potential in life and business.

Polly helps people overcome their negative money beliefs, raise their rates and make more money, and in the process become more empowered, more confident and create more peace, freedom and happiness.

As a photographer Polly fulfilled all her goals of shooting weddings all over the world, being extensively published and getting commissioned by Martha Stewart Weddings, including her dream a Martha Stewart Weddings print cover. She now takes a few select wedding commissions a year & blogs at livingbeautifully.com.

Polly’s Aha Moment: You have to keep evolving and you can’t resist change.

Time Technique: The first 2-3 hours of Polly’s day are spent on her so that she can get in the mindset that she wants to be in for her clients.
Photographers Mentioned in this Episode: 
Emma O’Brien
Darcy Benincosa
Katie Julia

10 Ways Your Photography Business is Losing Money
1. When you allow your worth to be determined by someone else’s budget.
2. Planning your pricing based on the local market.
3. Holding onto regrets, resentments, and mistakes. This blocks the flow of abundance.
4. Not developing ongoing relationships with your existing clients.
5. Believing that print sales are dead and buying into the mentality that “nobody does that anymore.”
6. Trying to do everything yourself.
7. Doing admin support.
8. Not working on yourself because you’re so focused on your business.
9. Apprehension about money. If you’re uncomfortable with receiving money, you’re going to be uncomfortable running a business.
10. Having a fear of success and being in the public eye.

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Financial Website: moneybeautifully.com
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