Episode 106: The Significance of Iteration – Jeff Watkins

Are you looking to improve the processes in your photography business?

In episode 106, Jeff Watkins of KolorPHX Photographic Co. shares about the importance of iteration and workflows in business that proactively improve overall client experience. Listen as he provides four tips to effectively iterate the processes in your business.

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Show Notes

Jeff’s Aha Moment: Being confident in my faults and stop playing the comparison game.

Time Tool: Schedule your time.

Brand Position: They set themselves apart by creating a wonderful client experience that allows their client to trust them.

The Gear Bag: Canon 5D mk III & IV, 24 mm, 50 mm, 70-200mm, 85mm, and 100 mm

Tips for Timelines with Planners:
Build the relationship with the planner first. After relationships are built, you can make suggestions and offer to make their job easier by providing insight on your thoughts as a photographer.

Four Ways to Effectively Iterate and Improve Processes:
1. Be self-aware and understand your weaknesses.
2. Listen to your clients and give them what they want.
3. Schedule everything
4. Create an inner circle of professionals that are already at a place you want to be at that will act as mentors.

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