Episode 322: Building Facebook Ads that Book – Kendra Lynece

Have you thought through every detail when it comes to running a successful Facebook advertising campaign for your photography business?

In episode 322 of the Bokeh Podcast, Kendra Lynece walks us through her step-by-step guide to creating great Facebook ads. Listen in as she shares about the importance of your targeting, ad content, landing pages, and email sequences to better convert your audience into paying customers.

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Show Notes

Brand Position: The fun and romantic wedding photographer. (4:13)

Advice for Photographers: Don’t be afraid to invest in your business. (11:02)

Time Technique: There is no such thing as balance and accept it. To combat, she gets up at 5:00AM and makes time to meditate. (13:10)

Book Recommendation: (19:32)
You are a Badass by Jen Sincero

The Gear Bag: Vegan Protein Bars or Larabars (20:49)

The Importance of Brand Position in Your Facebook Ads (25:08)

Setting Up Your Facebook Ads: (26:08)
Start with your intention
Write out your email sequence emails
Create a landing page to drive them that.
Build your audience.
Build your ad.

Email Sequence for Lead Generation: (32:50)
An email that includes a wedding guide
A friendly reminder
An additional reminder
A final reminder

Building Your Landing Pages (36:19)
Example: kendralynece.com/in-home-lifestyle-session-special

Building Your Audience (39:47)
Audience Insights
Interests that match your ideal clients

Potential Interests: The Knot, Wedding Wire, Hayley Paige

Freebie: kendralenyce.com/ads

Chip’s Episode – bit.ly/bp-226