Episode 321: Laying a Foundation for a Healthy Business – Jamie Findlay

Have you considered how much time you’re wasting on unnecessary work in your photography business?

In episode 321 of the Bokeh Podcast, Jamie Findlay shares how facing burnout prompted her to re-evaluate her daily workflow and reset her priorities. Listen in as she shares how the changes she made in her routine, along with her advice for creating a healthy foundation for business.

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Show Notes

Brand Position: Evolve is a community based company focused on education.

Advice for Photographers: You don’t have to stand on your island and die alone. (8:16)

Book Recommendations: (12:39)
The Science of Getting Rich – bit.ly/bp-sciencegettingrich
Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert – bit.ly/bp-bigmagic
How to Win Friends & Influence People – bit.ly/bp-winfriends

The Gear Bag: Digestive Enzymes (14:57)

Additional Health Resources:
The Inventor
Wellness FX – wellnessfx.com

The Importance of Laying a Foundation (22:00)

Systems & Art in Business (23:52)

Jamie’s Experience with Burnout (24:54)

What Drives Jamie (27:49)

Determining Priorities (30:46)

Workflow Changes to Avoid Burnout: (34:12)
Block out time to take care of you.
Automate and build out the work you do on a consistent basis.
Create a monthly calendar to plan out your work.

Advice for Laying a Foundation: Don’t overthink it and make it simple. (45:50)

Honeybook – share.honeybook.com/jamiefindlay