Episode 320: Key Elements of an Outstanding Brand – Folasayo & Ndidi Ayoola

Have you considered what message your brand tells potential customers?

In episode 320 of the Bokeh Podcast, Folasayo and Ndidi Ayoola of Oda Creative share the importance of developing a professional brand and the elements that impact the visuals. Listen in as they share the 5 mistakes they see brands making in developing their brand identity.

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Show Notes

Balanced Relationships

Folasayo on Communication: (6:13)
Listening 80% of the Time
Clarify 10% of the Time
Speak 10% of the Time

Brand Position: Design studio that specializes in creative, out of the box designs to help clients stand out; living where art intersects with science. (11:01)

Advice for Photographers: (19:15)
Dream big and plan small.
Understand why you’re in business in the first place.

Technique for Time: (23:53)
Time blocking for business.
Spend time together doing the things they enjoy.

Book Recommendation: (29:13)
The Art of Strategy – bit.ly/bp-artofstrategy
Rich Dad, Poor Dad – bit.ly/bp-richdad-poordad

Where Amateur Artwork Falls Short: (35:14)
1. Color
2. Typography
3. Complexity
4. Name
5. Avoid Raster Images

Knowing or Not Knowing What You Want (48:21)

The E-myth Revisited