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Episode 133: Defining Success & Pricing for It – Kir Tuben

Are you struggling to determine how you should be pricing your services in a way that meets your financial goals?

In episode 133 of the Bokeh Podcast, Kir Tuben explains the importance of setting goals that will lead to success, and then pricing yourself in order to meet those goals. Listen in as she provides three steps to intelligently establish pricing that will enable success for your business.

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Show Notes

The Lesson: Comparison is the root of all evil, so you should be nicer to yourself.

Time Technique: Schedule time to do nothing.

The Gear Bag:
Canon 5dmkIII with any prime lenses.
Pentax 645n
Canon eos3

How to Define Your Success?
Create small goals with overarching big goals that will allow you to reach the success you want.

Kir’s Goals:
1. Cultivate a loving home.
2. Feeling content.
3. Being financially stable.

Three Steps to Intelligently Establish Pricing:
1. Look at your bills and budget to determine what income will make you financially successful.
2. Set a limit for yourself on how much you’re going to work by limiting weddings or sessions.
3. Determine how many weddings or sessions you’d need to shoot to hit the prior goals.
If your final price seems unreasonable for your market, make adjustments to #2 and #3.

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