Episode 132: Creating Financial Freedom for the Self-Employed – Vincent Pugliese

As a self-employed entrepreneur, are you struggling to manage your finances while pursuing your dream?

In episode 132, Vincent Pugliese shares how you can prioritize and plan for financial freedom in your business. Listen in as he discusses the most harmful behaviors that are causing entrepreneurs to be careless with their money.

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Show Notes

The Lesson: After reaching out to his dad for a job opportunity, his dad said, “You have a skill, but you’re not using it correctly.”

Time Technique: Rather than involving their kids in sports and extracurricular activities that they didn’t really care about, they spend the time together.

Two Motivating Factors of Change: Inspiration & Desperation

Harmful Financial Behaviors:
1. Being unaware of prioritizing your investments that will lead to growth.
2. Not spending time with those who will build you up and help you grow.

Fruit to Financial Freedom:
F – Food
R – Residence
U – Utilities
I – Insurance
T – Transportation and Taxes

Mentioned in this episode: 
Jim Rohn
Seth Godin
Dan Miller

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