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Episode 632: SEO: The Importance of Topical Content – Cody McCracken

While many SEO specialists may focus on the importance of keywords and backlinks, photographer and SEO consultant Cody McCracken thinks there’s a lot of value in two other principles for improving SEO! Listen in to this episode to learn more!

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Show Notes

Plans for the Bokeh Podcast in the near future (0:22)

Introduction of our guest, Cody McCracken (1:47)

Cody’s tip for creating a photography business that encourages freedom and flexibility (3:14)

Cody’s tips for improving keyword density and backlinks for the sake of improving SEO (12:23)

Cody explains how user experience is tied to SEO (17:59)

Cody’s three recommendations for improving user experience on your photography website (19:51)

Cody’s definition of “topical content” (28:57)

How to come up with topical content relevant to your target audience (33:07)

Cody’s three recommendations for adding and improving topical content on your photography website or blog (35:05)


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