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Episode 631: How to “Find Yourself” – Nathan Holritz

There is a lot of conversation in our culture – and even our photography industry – about “finding ourselves”. But is this concept of finding ourselves one that enables us to be better  humans and business owners? Is it even rooted in a healthy premise? Listen in to an exploration of what it means to find ourselves, what the notion is rooted in, and a potentially more powerful alternative – all with Bokeh Podcast host, Nathan Holritz.

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Show Notes:

What does it mean to “find yourself”? (4:43)

Why does “finding yourself” matter? (7:06)

Is the notion of “finding yourself” a good premise for establishing clarity and direction in your life and business? (08:20)

What’s the alternative to “finding yourself”? (11:51)

How do you decide who you want to be? (14:35)

What next? (32:02)


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