Episode 630: How to Launch Your New Website Quickly – Kelsey Christine

One of the most important elements of both launching and building a photography business is your website. Listen in to this conversation with website designer Kelsey Christine to learn how to build and launch your new website quickly and with minimal stress!

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Show Notes:

Kelsey’s Introduction (2:12)

What big principle allows Kelsey to run a business while still having flexibility in her own life? (4:00)

Why does Kelsey use Showit for website design when working with photographers? (14:07)

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using templates when designing websites? (19:15)

What does the process look like when working with Kelsey to design a website? (23:00)

What does “strategy” mean when designing a website? (26:15)

What should photographers be working on prior to working with a website designer? (30:20)

How can photographers get in touch with Kelsey about working with her on building or tweaking a website? (35:00)

Kelsey’s first Bokeh episode