Episode 629: How to Convert Pinterest Visitors to Clients – Meg Mohyla

Pinterest is more than just a place to create inspiration boards! Listen in to this conversation with Meg Mohyla to learn how to use the Pinterest platform to convert potential clients and grow your business!

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Show Notes:

Meg’s introduction (2:00)

What is one big idea that enables Meg to maintain freedom and flexibility while running a business? (5:00)

What is one of the biggest mistakes photographers make when using Pinterest in their business? (10:00)

What big ideas will help photographers convert visitors to paying clients? (14:40)
1. Provide value and next steps
2. Have your website set up for conversions
3. Utilize lead magnets
4. Blog

What type of content should photographers focus on in their blog posts? (44:50)

How can photographers find the questions searched or asked on Pinterest that can help guide what to include in their blog content? (48:49)