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Episode 633: To Niche or Not to Niche – Simon Yau

Here on The Bokeh Podcast, we’ve emphasized the importance of niching down when building a photography business for the sake of growing more easily. But is that always the best way to go? Listen in to this conversation with photographer Simon Yau for a different perspective on generalizing versus specializing!

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Show Notes

Introduction of our new guest, Simon Yau (1:00)

The importance of focusing on adding value to your client, versus talking about yourself so much on your website (3:02)

Simon’s recommendation for maintaining freedom and flexibility as a photography business owner (7:23)

The most important lesson Simon has learned so far as a photography business owner (12:19)

What led Simon to start his sports photography business (17:21)

Potential misconceptions of sports photography by others in the photography industry (20:13)

The three most important elements of good sports photography (22:07)

How to begin thinking about pricing for sports photography (25:50)

Why Simon added an additional brand and genre of photography to his work as a photographer (30:47)

The challenges of juggling multiple photography brands (36:23)

The benefits of running multiple photography brands in different genres (38:15)

Simon’s suggestions for how to best juggle multiple photography brands (39:34)


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Simon’s Instagrams – https://www.instagram.com/syau.sportography https://www.instagram.com/bysimonyau