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Episode 634: Brand Position Consultation – Clark Sanders

It’s a busy marketplace with LOTS of photographers. You may be friends with those photographers, but you still have to stand out amongst those photographers to capture the attention of your potential clients! In this episode, host Nathan Holritz helps super-talented senior portrait photographer Clark Sanders explore how to best position his brand and business in his local marketplace in order to more effectively grab the attention of potential clients that come across his website and social media!

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Show Notes

Introducing Clark Sanders (1:51)

Definition of Brand Position (3:38)

The significance of Brand Position (6:26)

The reasons Clark got into photography (8:10)

The reason for asking Clark questions about his business when considering Brand Position (12:15)

The markets Clark is currently working in (13:30)

Why Brand Position matters when most of your business already comes from word of mouth (15:34)

What genre or type of photography Clark specializes in (17:50)

What is unique about Clark’s senior photography in his marketplace (22:45)

What are Clark’s clients’ pain points? (27:03)

What kind of help does Clark need with his Brand Position? (33:38)

The value of sharing prices on our websites (37:04)

4 ways to establish a distinct Brand Position (40:03)

The importance of a Big Picture View in establishing a Brand Position (45:17)

The importance of market research for establishing a Brand Position (46:32)

Observations of what other photographers’ brand positions are in the marketplace Clark is serving (49:44)

Initial suggestions of Brand Position statements for Clarks’ business after observing his competition (62:29)

The importance of sharing the Brand Position statement prominently on your website (68:14)

The significance of matching the client experience and images to the Brand Position statement (70:27)

SEO tips as a Brand Position statement is implemented on a website (73:00)

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