Episode 635: Freedom Through Associates – Jill Smith

If you could implement a new strategy in your business that would help you increase revenue AND bring more freedom to your life as a business owner, you’d go for it, right?!

Building an associate photographer team can bring both of these benefits, but there are some innate challenges to the process. Photographer Jill Smith is on The Bokeh Podcast to help us overcome those challenges so we can build our business and have more independence from that same business! Make sure to listen in!

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Show Notes

Introduction of our guest, Jill Smith (1:15)

Jill’s tip for creating a photography business that encourages freedom and flexibility (2:35)

Three ways an associate photographer team can translate to business growth (12:56)

How to establish baseline, standard operating procedures for your business before you build a team (19:04)

Three ways an associate team can mean more freedom and flexibility in our lives as photography biz owners (27:37)

Three ways that photographers can minimize overwhelm in the process of building and running an associate team (30:49)

Three ways that photographers can more effectively communicate – and thus delegate – in order to have a positive experience with an associate photographer team (53:51)

Additional education that Jill offers for those that want to build an associate photographer team for their family photography businesses (63:45)


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Jill’s website – jillcsmithphotography.com

Jill’s Instagram – instagram.com/jillcsmithphotography

Jill’s associate photography team course (for family photographers) – jillcsmithphotography.com/roadmap

FREEBIE! An intro to associate photography team building – jillcsmithphotography.com/scale