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Episode 636: How to Chase Your Dreams – Amelia Soegijono

It’s easy for someone to create a motivational post on social media telling you to “go chase your dreams”, but how do you actually do that on a tangible, practical level? Join us for a conversation with photographer Amelia Soegijono to learn how!

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Show Notes

Introduction of our guest, Amelia (0:47)

What important principle enables Amelia to manage your time effectively in order to maximize freedom and flexibility as an entrepreneur? (2:37)

How does Amelia define a dream? (16:14)

The backstory behind Amelia’s dream (24:56)

How Amelia learned to dream practically (33:30)

What can photographers do to take the first step to chasing their dream? (36:45)

Now that photographers have taken that first step toward their dream, what steps do they need to take to follow through and actually make the dream a reality? (44:20)

Information about Amelia’s photography workshop (62:15)


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Amelia’s website – ameliasoegijono.com

Amelia’s Instagram – instagram.com/ameliasoegijono

Amelia’s photography workshop – ameliasoegijono.com/workshops