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Episode 637: Marketing as an Introvert – Caitlin Wilcox

Putting ourselves out there as introverts in an effort to build a personal photography brand can feel a bit overwhelming! How can we step beyond that discomfort and build the business that we want? Join us for a conversation with photographer Caitlin Wilcox to learn how!

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Show Notes

Introduction of Caitlin (1:00)

What important principle enables Caitlin to manage your time effectively in order to maximize freedom and flexibility as an entrepreneur (2:57)

Caitlin’s definition of “introversion” (9:38)

What Caitlin feels is behind her introversion (10:59)

What Caitlin has felt was most challenging about marketing her business as an introvert (20:47)

Four specific ways that introverted photographers can step beyond the label and still put themselves out there on social media, on their website, during in-person meetings, or when photographing sessions or events for the sake of their brand (23:42)

Three specific ways that photographers can promote their business that feels more comfortable in light of being an introvert (37:09)

The education Caitlin offers to photographers (53:23)


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Caitlin’s website – https://www.caitlinwilcoxphotography.com

Caitlin’s Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/caitlinwilcoxphotography

FREEBIE – Five Personal Content Ideas for When Your Social Battery is Low – https://caitlinwilcoxphotography.com/personal-content-freebie

FREEBIE – Five Questions to Ask on Your Next Inquiry Call – http://caitlinwilcoxphotography.com/bookmore