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Episode 638: How to Have a Life During Busy Season – McKenzie Bigliazzi

Any established photographer knows what it’s like to get bogged down during the busy season, barely keeping up with the work that needs to be done. Free time? Time to travel? Time to hang out with friends and family? Is that even a thing during those busy months?!

Photographer McKenzie Bigliazzi is here to share with us how she runs her business AND has time to do more than just work. Make sure to listen in to find out how you can get your life back as a photography business owner – and not just during busy season!

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Show Notes

Introducing McKenzie (0:59)

How long did it take McKenzie to realize that life wasn’t all about running her business? That having freedom and flexibility as a business owner needed to be more of a priority? (6:50)

Does organization and structure to create freedom come naturally for McKenzie? (10:36)

What does an average day or week look like for McKenzie? (16:45)

How did McKenzie develop a business model that would enable more freedom and flexibility as a photography business owner? (21:40)

How McKenzie chose Dubsado as her CRM (33:14)

Three ways that McKenzie uses Dubsado to streamline her business workflows for the sake of more freedom in her daily life (34:38)

The importance of simplicity in choosing tools to server our customers (44:10)

Three ways that McKenzie uses Cloudspot to streamline her business workflows for the sake of more freedom in her daily life (46:38)

How does McKenzie make herself accessible to clients – without getting overwhelmed with the communication process? (50:27)

What has enabled McKenzie to give up her editing to Photographer’s Edit so that her work week isn’t taken up with editing? (53:09)


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McKenzie’s post referenced multiple times during the episode: