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Episode 639: How to Create Reels to Promote Your Business – Alexandros Tzorouchof

Most of us know we should be using video content to promote our photography business, but how do you go about creating a compelling video that will grab the attention of potential clients and draw them in? Join us for a conversation with videographer Alexandros Tzorouchof to learn how!

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Show Notes

Introduction of Alex (1:01)

Important principles that enable Alex to manage his time effectively in order to maximize freedom and flexibility as an entrepreneur (3:01)

Alex’s favorite gear for filming reels? (10:23)

4 key ideas to keep in mind if you’re going to film your promotional reels with your phone (instead of dslr or mirrorless cameras) (16:45)

7 important principles that enable a photographer to create a compelling reel for the purpose of promoting their photography business (37:18)


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Alex’s website – https://www.chromaodyssey.com

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